You’ve probably heard term “big data” but you may not understand what it means. Some people misunderstand big data because they liken it to Big Brother, a sinister supercomputer that watches our every move. For digital marketers big data is a crucial fuel and engine that drives successful advertising campaigns. Big data digital marketing is quite simply the most accurate system ever developed to learn about a consumer and pinpoint his or her past, present, and future buying habits.

Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing application software systems are inadequate to deal with them.

big data digital marketingImagine hiring XYZ digital marketing agency with hopes they will help you sell your new product, a red, white and blue all-American widget. The agency may reach out to a company that sells lists of consumers and buy the names and email addresses for a million people who might buy a blue widget. The list company sells XYZ 1/2 million people who once bought an orange widget and they add another 1/2 million people who subscribed to Widget Magazine, but that list is ten years old. Many of the email addresses were created in Indonesia and Russia and haven’t been verified for several years. Oh well, close enough. What kind of results do you expect from a digital marketing campaign with that data?

Using big data means an agency – like ADS Data Direct – taps into their own proprietary database, containing over 300 million U.S. records. This behemoth information source is literally updated 24/7 by comparing it to other databases and is verified for accuracy. ADS Data Direct constantly scours the internet for data from other sources, analyzes it, and buys the good stuff. Big data uses behavior analytics and predictive analysis to create data sets that contain consumer records in specific geographic locations with names, email addresses, and phone numbers that are precise. Each record also contains a tracking cookie that has been verified. This is a well planned campaign with a high probability of success.

Big Data Digital Marketing

Running a digital marketing campaign without big data technology is like driving at night with sunglasses. A high chance of crashing.Big Data Digital Marketing

ADS Data Direct is committed to helping Chief Marketing Officers and brands improve their marketing strategies and customer outreach by leveraging big data, predictive analytics, and automation. We believe there are tremendous opportunities for brands and marketers who aren’t spending enough time analyzing data about their current and potential new customers. Our experience gathering, cleaning, and analyzing large sets of data combined with our ability to inject cutting edge analytic formulas into the equation gives us a competitive edge over agencies who simply “buy lists” for their clients.

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