Social Media ManagementMany businesses today use social media as an occasional way to post pictures of their products or say “Happy New Year” but it really really needs so much more focus and effort to tap it’s real potential.

Here are some tips to make social media make a difference:

1 – Post content that is valuable. Your followers followed you for a reason, so don’t forget that. They would like a discount now and then and saving money is part of the reason they’re online. Post coupons or special offers at least once a month.

2 – Post other content that is valuable. Recipes, tips on staying healthy, information about how they can make life easier. It’s hard out there!

3 – Make sure your buttons are working! Draw attention to the CALL NOW or BUY NOW buttons and make certain they work. Track the clicks on them, make sure someone follows up on every click. Send messages thanking people for visiting your page and reward them. It will make them come back for more!

4 – Ask for the business. In the mix of content and photos and cat videos, make sure you ask your customers to BUY. That’s why your’re here!

Bottom line: Social Media is a full-time job. If you’re not willing to do it, it won’t produce the results you want and need.

We understand that it’s expensive keeping up with daily content, or at least daily quality content, but in the long run it’s usually worth it. Check to make sure your site link to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all working, and get something good on them at least once per day.

If you’re looking for some insight about how to improve your social media presence, please give us a call and we can help.  888-963-7824