Traditionally, ad agencies take on a client and pitch a campaign. Radio, TV, newspaper, whatever it may be, the campaign launches and so do lots of client’s dollars. If the campaign never makes it into orbit and crashes, the client takes his dollars for the next campaign to a new agency and it’s time to gamble again. That’s not how we work at ADS Data Direct.

One of the things about digital marketing we find most rewarding is the ability to tweak a campaign and see results almost immediately. In the old days of radio, TV, and newspaper advertising, the reaction time to making changes on ad campaigns was weeks or months, and today it is literally minutes.

Information is flowing so quickly that if an ad is placed on one website at 7 am we know what kind of reaction it’s getting before our first cup of coffee is gone. Our Digital Plus platform is constantly calculating alternatives balanced out over hundreds of similar campaigns and may choose to divert to another site, and analyze. The platform may also choose to extract another data set and plug it into the mix. The bottom line is that Digital Plus is calculating the results per dollar spent, and never stops searching for better sources for conversions. And conversions = sales.

We are constantly watching campaigns to see who is responding, what is their location, where did they come from, did they buy? All this information merges to tell us what’s going on with your campaign and your ad dollars.

Our Goal is Your Recurring Business

Because we are a data-driven digital marketing agency, we start with the freshest data available. Our data is our own, we don’t buy it or lease it from someone else. Our campaigns are alive, constantly striving to get better. We want you for the long term.

Digital Marketing That Works

We are a team of marketing veterans who have witnessed the transition from the old ways to digital. We have also witnessed the pretenders, who take client’s money and ship the actual work out to foreign countries where little or nothing is actually done. Our data is our own, our creative designers are in-house, and our programmers, data engineers, management and customer service people are in-house every day. Let’s have a conversation about giving up the gambling habit and proactively working towards your goals.