If you ever saw the movie Glengarry Glen Ross you know it’s a very intense film about selling and struggles faced by people who make their living in sales. Leads are a big topic in the movie because some of the salesmen feel that they need good leads to sell successfully. To a large extent, they’re right. If you’re in sales, good leads can make your job much easier so you should always be looking for the best leads possible.

In today’s digital world developing good leads is a complex process that many profess to have mastered but few actually deliver. The reason is poor quality data.

Here’s how we develop great leads:

First, we get to know you and your business. Your product, your service, your customers. We ask a lot of questions, like:

a) Who are your best customers?

b) How much did you sell last year?

c) How much do you want to sell this year?

d) Why do people do business with you?

We study your competitors and we study your customers and your business model. Then we work on bringing new customers to your website or to a landing page where we can capture their information so we can build a strategic marketing plan. We will use our existing database to reach consumers who are currently doing business with your competitor and tell them why they need to be buying from you.

When a consumer visits your site or landing page, we learn a lot about them and will follow up over a period of time to either go for the fast sale or develop an information campaign and guide them to the finish line. The sale.

Our robust and ever-growing consumer database, one of the largest in the world, gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors. It’s how we developed a reputation for results. If you’re looking for leads you can buy a list from a list broker. Names, numbers, and email addresses that are years old. Or you can call us and get leads on people who are actually looking to buy what you’re selling.

Call us if you have any questions, or would just like to chat about a digital marketing campaign that will generate accurate leads fast.