You see a sign in the window of an empty store front in your town and wonder what it says. You circle around the block and drive by again, and this time you see it: Coming Soon: New York Style Pizza! You heart skips a beat and your stomach growls with delight. You’ve been searching for a great NY-style pie near your home for years! Later, you’re thinking about how many restaurants have gone in and out of that space and you wonder how this one will make it? The location doesn’t seem to be very suitable, and parking is limited.

Six months later, they’re gone.

About 60 percent of all new restaurants fail in the first year, and 80 percent fail in the first 5 years. Why? The number one reason is location. Or, as real estate professionals like to say, “location, location, location,” which also includes exorbitant rent. The number two reason is simply the quality of the food, if it’s not outstanding, you will fail. Plain and simple.

Number three on the list of why restaurants fail is marketing. If your message doesn’t get delivered prior to opening and consistently after you’re open, and to the right people, you will fail. This is where targeted digital marketing can and will put you in the position of having more hungry customers than you can handle!

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Here’s an example of how a data-focused digital marketing agency can help new restaurants:

A new burger restaurant is opening in a month. (1) A customer loyalty program is initiated. (2) The digital marketing agency harvests data on all local consumers who have displayed an interest in, or a history of, eating cheeseburgers. (3) Consumers within 2 miles of the store are targeted with ads and emails about the opening, with coupons included. (4) A new Facebook page entices local eaters with specials, coupons, and photos. (5) Those who click the ads or open the emails are placed in a follow-up file, and are slated for special follow-ups. (6) Surveys are sent to diners and those who respond are rewarded with additional offers.

restaurant marketing agencyMost important: All initiatives are constantly monitored and analyzed to make necessary adjustments. Reacting to what channels are working is critical to building loyalty and revenue. And staying in business.

ADS Data Direct is focused on a tailored strategy for each client, and we have enjoyed considerable success with restaurant industry clients over our nearly twenty years of experience.

The ADS Data Direct consumer database is rich with information about consumers who like burgers, bagels, blue crabs, and beer. Restaurants will save a lot of time and money when they are able to target the people who will respond to their ads. Let’s have a discussion about how we can help keep your restaurant thriving from the Grand Opening and far beyond. Call us at  888-963-7824 ext.711