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Since the beginning of the the 20th century, automobile marketing changed slowly as technology changed. Radio commercials were usually loud and boisterous, yelling at people to “come on down” to test drive a new car and get a free set of floor mats. Television commercials were similar, often with the owner standing on the lot yelling about having the absolute lowest prices anywhere!

The dealerships had clowns and balloons and cotton candy for the kids!

The digital age brought the ability to email people, but often it was random emails sent to millions of addresses that may have been defunct for years. It was the shotgun approach, and it worked, sometimes. Digital display ads were placed in various websites, but there wasn’t a lot of laser targeting.

Automotive digital marketing has now evolved to the point where the use of big data combined with complex algorithms permits marketers to understand the likely buying moves of car-shopping consumers before they actually buy.

The way the automotive industry is headed when it comes to technology—locating specific consumer characteristics that are influential in the car-buying process to optimize ad spend for dealers, makes car research and buying easier for consumers.

Imagine concentrating your ad spend where it matters: on the people about to purchase a car in the next two weeks.

This is where we are today. If you’re selling Fords, we can likely target someone about to buy a Ford with your message. Need help with the message? We can help there as well. ADS Data Direct has been helping car dealers and auto groups boost their marketing ROI for over 9 years with targeting techniques we invented.

Audience Intelligence – Predictive Analytics

Want to talk about selling more cars? Call us and let’s get  started: ADS Data Direct • 888-963-7824

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