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We always stress that every customer is different and every campaign is different. The “one-size-fits-all” or “set-it-and-forget-it” philosophies simply don’t work in the digital marketing industry. However, there is one channel you want to include in almost every campaign: Email Marketing.

I call it the little engine that could because year after year when new technologies emerge to challenge the others for effectiveness, email marketing just keeps on producing great results. It’s inexpensive and it continues to return the best ROI of all other channels.

There are times when email marketing will be the only channel we use, if appropriate. Some campaigns involve products or services that are just fun, and people love to engage with them. In those cases you want to get downright aggressive, while watching the statistics of course. Too many opt-outs or (heaven forbid) spam complaints, and it is time to back off.

Email marketing is a numbers game, so you need to go all in until something tells you to hold back. In high school, if you were going to ask someone to go to the big dance, did you ask once, get rejected, and give up? No! You keep asking. That’s email marketing.

Many clients are nervous about annoying their customers, but that’s where the quality of the content is so crucial. If your message is on target and offers some value, you won’t annoy too many people.

ADS Data Direct uses the highest quality data in every campaign, so we know we’re reaching the right people. We don’t send coupons for hamburgers to vegetarians. Our messages are well-designed and well-written and they work.

Give us a call and we’ll discuss what the best course for your business is! ADS Data Direct • 888-963-7824