There probably is no industry that changes as often as the digital marketing industry. Breakthroughs in technology combined with the changing tastes and interests of consumers means that methods we use today might be “old school” tomorrow. The key is to be adaptable.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Jimmy Dean

There are, however, some basics that remain constant regarding people. To succeed in digital marketing an agency must have a team with people who have these interests and skills:

  1. A Love of Numbers. Any digital marketing campaign, no matter it’s channel or platform, relies on data. It’s the fuel that drives the machine to capture and convert sales, so it has to be good. The finest cars run on premium gas, and digital marketing initiatives perform best with high-quality data. Nerdy data people understand how to filter out the bad data and keep the good stuff.
  2. Passion for Writing. Data is the fuel that drives campaigns to the right people, but content is the honey that lures them to buy. Subject lines are crucial to email marketing campaigns, and email remains a very powerful tool to drive sales. Content writing is also essential for website search engine optimization. New, fresh, unique and engaging content every day is a challenge designed for passionate writers.
  3. Creativity. Creative people design marketing campaigns with styles, colors, and content that will appeal the the targets. You wouldn’t likely use flowers and pastels in an ad aimed selling tickets to a professional wrestling match. Great designers have to think like the target market, understand them, research their habits and tastes and then design a campaign. It’s essential to have talented, creative people on the team.
  4. Communication Skills. After many years of working with hundreds of businesses, we know that unless we understand everything about your business, we can’t sell your product or service. If you call us about working together, you’ll find that we ask a lot of questions! We want to work with you to achieve your goals and we will not accept a client if we don’t have a very good outlook for helping them.
  5. Reporting and Time Management Skills. Every client deserves a breakdown on where their money is spent and what kind of results are being achieved. We believe it is a matter of trust when a business accepts our proposal and we pledge to use every dollar and every minute to get the results they expect.

Bottom line: Technology + Skills = Success

Of course, ADS Data Direct remains at the top of the tech side of digital marketing industry, in fact we created many proprietary algorithms and methodologies used by database administrators worldwide. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss your sales goals.