Years ago if you bought an ad in the Yellow Pages, pretty much anyone who could read English would be able to see your ad. That sounds pretty good, right? Not necessarily. If you were selling fire wood, wouldn’t it be better to place your ad, at a lower cost, in the “Yellow Page Directory for People who Own Fireplaces?” If there was such a thing!

That’s the idea behind targeted digital marketing. It does one no good to display ads for consumers who will never, ever be interested in your product or service.

Use these three principles to begin a targeted marketing strategy:

Start with your CRM (existing) customers. If you’re not harvesting email addresses and other information from current customer you must start immediately. Your competitors are doing it, so you better too. Offer customers who enroll in a “customer loyalty club” or something similar a discount or free item. You need to be reminding your customers on a regular basis why they should keep doing business with you or they’ll go where someone else is pitching them. It shows you care.

Tracking Cookies – Every visitor to your website should be tracked and targeted. ADS Data Direct has proprietary software that can track every visitor to your website and gauge interest in particular products and services. We then find the best channel to connect to them, and induce them to buy.

Build customer profiles. Once a consumer comes on board and becomes a paying customer, we don’t let that information just sit on a spreadsheet. It’s important to learn more about every customer because there are probably other opportunities to make more sales. If a consumer buys one product, there are likely accompanying products that you can use to target. It may depend on the time of year, for example. Seasonal targeting is highly successful for many items.


At the very foundation of every campaign we plan, design, and execute is our database. Over 200 million matching consumer records allows us to cross-reference information gathered about almost the entire country and know a lot about people and what they buy. Let’s have a conversation about gaining more customers for your business! 888-963-7824