Businesses spend billions of dollars on advertising every year. How much of it is effective?

It used to be that you really could not determine your ROI for almost all advertising. A business might buy the back page of TIME magazine and see a boost in sales, but they couldn’t be 100% sure it was the magazine.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker (1838-1922) was a very successful United States merchant, religious leader and political figure, considered by some to be a pioneer in marketing.

Today digital marketing allows conversion rates to measured in a very accurate manner and it is easier to determine how to allocate yourDigital Marketing 2018 marketing dollars. Still, the digital world changes rapidly and it’s crucial to know how consumers are interacting with advertising today, not last month.

Here are some trends going on now, and will influence marketing in 2018:

• Mobile devices will continue to be the primary source for consumer interaction, and will gain in share of shoppers and transactions. In 2012 smartphones accounted for about 9% of online advertising, shopping, and buying. Today it is almost 51%.

If your website is not fully optimized for mobile, you should do it today.

• Location-based advertising will continue to grow. You might notice that if you’re in Anytown, USA and you do a Google search for pizza, the local business results are prominent near the top of the page. You’ll want to make sure your business page is up-to-date and that your website link is working properly. Nationwide businesses may want to invest in some content focused on markets where they are strong or where they want to be strong.

• Video Content. Come 2021, video will account for 82 percent of all online traffic and businesses need to focus on that. Not just YouTube, but adding video content to websites will boost SEO initiatives.

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