Case Study: The Lot

the lot case study
A Cinema/Restaurant/Bar/Cafe, located in affluent Southern California wanted to generate more names for its database by offering two free movie tickets. The proposed marketing plan was for a 5 email drop, targeted to consumers with a net worth of over $1 Million.

Offer: Two free movie tickets to join the email list. Data required is email, first name, last name and zip code. Free tickets vouchers were then emailed to the consumer.

Challenge: Through the first 3 drops consumers in the demographic were not signing up for free tickets. Their privacy concerns exceeded their desire for a free ticket.

Strategy: ADS proposed changing the last two drops to the Digital Plus, and to widen the demographic for married couples with incomes over $75K, and Singles with incomes over $50.

Results: Utilizing the same email creative, but a new prospect list of 100K consumers The Lot’s Emails deployed. The change in demographic immediately saw an increase in new sign up rates by a 4-1 margin in week 4, in addition to that the display and Facebook added another 192 signups, plus 65 new signups from Facebook shares. So the in week 4, The Lot generated a 1200% increase in sign ups. For the combined two weeks utilizing the Digital Plus Strategy, The Lot generated 875 new members to the house file, compared to 98 for the first 3 weeks.