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Word of Mouth Marketing for the 21st Century


Your social media followers are the most important influencers you have online.  They have so much faith and brand loyalty, they willfully engage with your brand and through that influence others in their lives.  Wouldn’t you like to reach people exactly like your followers?  Now you can with CITA (Customer Insight Targeted Audiences) powered by ADS Data Direct.
Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

People-Based Audiences That Don’t Kill Your Budget

Target your best prospects with custom audiences at off-the-shelf prices, in the digital media buying platforms you’re already using

True to our mission, ADS Data Direct and CITA technology make it easy to define an audience set using the characteristics or data that matters to you.
Based on the analyses you create in PersonaBuilder, our artificial intelligence platform finds over 4,000 of the most useful and distinguishing characteristics of that group including brand engagement, media and publishers, influencers, retail and grocery purchases, and demographics. We then onboard the audience into the social and digital media-buying platforms you use every day.
With the push of a button, the insights you use to fuel your marketing strategies are programmatically tied to the audiences you target. And here’s the best part:
Testing with a large set of individual-level purchase data, we found that our algorithms predict which potential audience members are 10x more likely to be a buyer!

Data Matters

We give agencies a competitive advantage.  We help brands make money and save money.  Our difference is in the data.  We create the best audience intelligence by combining multiple sources of social and third party data into relevant information that is easy to use.

Social Behavior + Demographics + Retail Purchases + Financial Data + News Sources + Geography + Occupation + Automotive Data + Social Conversations + Brand Affinities + Charitable Causes + CPG Purchases + Lifestyle Interests + Media Markets + Political Persuasions + TV Shows + Ethnicity = Unique Insights and Audiences

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Word-of-Mouth Marketing for the 21st Century

Imagine having the ability to target consumers who are look-alike audiences to your current customers and those who already like and follow you on social media. You’d have much higher conversion rates! Our new CITA marketing platform uses our powerful consumer database to find, target, and reach these people. The ROI is the highest we have ever seen, and we would love to share how we execute the most successful campaigns ever experienced in the digital marketing industry. Call us! 888-963-7824

Influencer Marketing

What was an experimental form of marketing just a few years ago is now essential to almost all marketing campaigns. Technology has evolved to the point where we are able to determine consumer’s likely purchasers based on who their influencers are and other indicators. For example: If a video viewer watches a certain channel every day and that YouTube creator wears and recommends “Brand B” headphones, wouldn’t that viewer be likely to buy the same brand? Recent studies say that Influencers have a huge impact on their viewers, with many saying they look at their favorite YouTube personalities as “friends.” We created the CITA Technology Platform using our vast consumer database along with proprietary logarithms to locate potential customers for businesses selling millions of products and services – predictive analytics – and we target people to deliver the right message at the right time. Guess what? It works!   Call us! 888-963-7824 and we will be happy to show you how it works.

Every business has good customers and those people “click” with the business for one reason or another. It may be they have used the products for years, maybe their family used the product when they were young and the habit stuck. Some people will buy a particular product because they like the slogan, logo, or music used for commercials. All these things are part of the psychology of marketing, but one thing is certain: It makes sense to target new customer prospects who match existing customer’s personalities. Thanks to social media and other online indicators, ADS Data Direct has constructed a platform we call CITA – Customer Insights Targeted Audiences – and with it we build audiences who are very similar to your current customers. Over the years we have seen businesses spend millions of marketing dollars trying to get vegetarians to eat at steak restaurants and senior citizens to buy skateboards. The return on investment for Influencer Marketing averages eleven times that of previous digital marketing strategies, and so needless to say this is a very popular platform. Want to know more? Call us at 888-963-7824 and we’ll be happy to discuss how CITA will boost sales fast for your product or service.

Influencer Marketing is the art of making a digital impression on a consumer that comes from an someone or something they trust. The impression is delivered in one of several formats and has a powerful impact because it’s like a word-of-mouth endorsement from a friend. Someone they follow, some musician or celebrity they like, some political cause they are active in. Influencer marketing can have up to 11 times better results than other digital platforms.