marketable interest

Digital Plus Determines Marketable Interest and Gets Results

When Mark Twain said “Many a small things has been made large by the right kind of advertising,” and he was right. But Mr. Twain had no idea that advertising would evolve into such a complex industry. Advertising has always been a hit-or-miss proposition: you broadcast or print your message and hope someone sees it and reacts. Digital Plus and marketable interest has changed all that.

Today, digital marketing makes targeting your advertising far more accurate, but there is still a lot of wasted (digital) ink.

Digital Plus Hits the Mark – How?

If you are currently working with a digital marketing firm, ask them if they are determining “marketable interest” before they spend your money.

Email Marketing is an inexpensive and effective filter for determining a consumer’s marketable interest. We may design a campaign

marketable interest

starting with a very large email marketing blast to see who opens and who clicks on the links inside, and who ignores the message. We may do this 2-5 more times. At the end, we are left with a group of people who are clearly interested in a particular product or service. Now we can move on to more advanced methods.

Most consumers do some research before they buy, because the information is so easily available. While they’re looking around, we’re in their ear whispering why they should buy from our client.

  • We’re placing display ads on the same page where they’re shopping with a competitor.
  • We’re sending a coupon via postal mail for our client’s product.
  • We’re in their Facebook news feed with a special offer if they buy now.
  • We’re placing a video ad at the start of the next video they view.

We’re everywhere! We’re hitting the right consumer at the right time with the right message. It saves money, and it works.

Digital Plus is a proven method we are proud to share with clients who expect real results. Call us and we’ll be happy to explain how it will work for your business.