Digital Display Targeting

Common sense tells us that it would be unwise to advertise and promote a high-fat content pizza in a magazine geared toward weight-conscious athletes who regularly train to run in marathons. But what a great place to run ads for low-fat yogurt!

Targeting allows digital marketers to place ads right where interested consumers would most likely be browsing at any given moment. With today’s technology we can even detect and analyze similar sites that consumers visit to construct profiles of almost every adult-aged consumer in the USA.

Most companies value, and expect to increase investment in audience targeting. Currently, 90% of companies spend at least 25% of their digital advertising budgets on specific targets, and 43% of companies spend more than half of their budgets reaching specific targets. 84% of companies expect that investment to increase.

ADS Data Direct has built profiles and learned browsing and buying habits over the years of every consumer in our database. We use that information to place ads for our clients in places where they will likely generate sales. The days of “throwing advertisements out there, and seeing what works” are gone. Marketing dollars are far more effective when directed by competent and experienced digital strategists.

Successful marketers are now advanced to the point where we can accurately predict the number of consumers who will see an ad, and how many will buy. Note that we said “successful” marketers. There are plenty who don’t really understand the concept of targeting. We do.

Digital video is another form of targeted advertising with which ADS Data Direct has achieved fantastic results. We are able to place ads precisely where the viewers will likely have an interested in your product or service.

The nature of the data we use – recently updated and accurate – ensures campaigns that are effective.