Traffic Automated Recovery (TAR)

This channel is similar to Re-Targeting in that a shopper who visited your site is located and targeted with a message, but with TAR the consumer is sent a specific email, luring them back to you.

How do we know their email address? That’s the power of our dynamic, extensive, and comprehensive database, which cross-references visitors across vast Our customers can be assured that no stone will remain unturned when it comes to making the sale.

TAR is quite possibly the most specific and effective means of tracking an interested shopper and impressing on them your desire to do business with them. It is an opportunity to reach out and say “How may I help you?” and then deliver a value message they cannot pass up. Every email message is tracked to see if there are conversions and sales.

The creation of these messages is best left to marketing pros who have tested and re-tested this type of tool several thousand times over many years. ADS Data Direct has created email messages for businesses ranging from plastic surgeons to auto dealers to charitable organizations helping the homeless. ADS strategists, graphic designers, and writers work together to create powerful content that will return “lost sheep” to the herd.

Eventually the process of identifying the visitor, targeting, creating a message and sending becomes automatic, but results are constantly monitored to see if conversion rates are rising. Steady conversion and sales rates are never acceptable, rising rates are.