Winning Campaigns Work With ADS Data Direct

You can buy a list of registered votes from several sources, but will that list be sufficient for you to maximize your campaign marketing budget? Will you get real results? Wouldn’t you like to know as much as possible about every voter you’re targeting?

Using Predictive Engagement we can identify voters most likely to be receptive to your message, and the ROI from that kind of marketing is light years ahead of other forms of digital marketing. Need help crafting your message into effective media? Our creative team and political writers can put together an arsenal of digital communiqués that we’ll test and deliver to move you closer to a win.

Winning Campaigns with Social Media Influencers

Social media has proven to be the single most important source for effective influencers. Fact: An undecided voter is 5 times more likely to follow an online influencer’s lead than listen to a radio or TV advertisement. Understanding how to use this fact to sway votes is what campaigns must do to win. ADS Data Direct uses a proprietary platform called CITA – Consumer Insights Targeted Audiences – to extract the appropriate records from our database and then reach them using proven strategies for real results.

Marketing for Campaign Contributions

Political campaigns need contributions to run right. Reaching out to the right people is critical, and for that you need a powerful source for data, and the means to effectively ask for the help. Email marketing, social media marketing, and phone calls are traditional channels for political fund raising, and with our CITA platform those become powerful money generators. Influencer marketing has proven to be the most successful marketing strategy in the digital world, because people trust messages that originate with people they already trust.