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The data is impeccable. Reliable, deliverable, and it’s always up-to-date. Every campaign we have run through ADS has come back with a good or great ROI. We’re very happy with them.

John Martin Lynch

General Manager, Dearborn Marketing

From a Lead-Gen standpoint, ADS has been steady, smooth and very reasonable with prices. Over 6 years our ROI with ADS is 180%. Their service is superb and they stand behind their service and data.

Greg Belmont

Attorney - Owner, Justice for the Injured

Eric has been spot-on with targeted email marketing to the areas around each regional store we operate and I would unhesitatingly say ADS is responsible for a very large part of our success.

Paula Price

Director of Marketing, Virtual Restaurant Group

ADS Data Direct has always been there when we need a blitz of emails or some targeted ads to close out a month or a quarter and hot our goal. They find us new customers, we close them.

Lawrence Christy

Sales Manager, Medicare Gap Options Inc.