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The data is impeccable. Reliable, deliverable, and it’s always up-to-date. Every campaign we have run through ADS has come back with a good or great ROI. We’re very happy with them.

John Martin Lynch

General Manager, Dearborn Marketing

From a Lead-Gen standpoint, ADS has been steady, smooth and very reasonable with prices. Over 6 years our ROI with ADS is 180%. Their service is superb and they stand behind their service and data.

Greg Belmont

Attorney - Owner, Justice for the Injured

Eric has been spot-on with targeted email marketing to the areas around each regional store we operate and I would unhesitatingly say ADS is responsible for a very large part of our success.

Paula Price

Director of Marketing, Virtual Restaurant Group

ADS Data Direct has always been there when we need a blitz of emails or some targeted ads to close out a month or a quarter and hot our goal. They find us new customers, we close them.

Lawrence Christy

Sales Manager, Medicare Gap Options Inc.


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Our Covid-19 Response

We here at ADS Data Direct believe in people first.  We will be having our team work remotely. Because we have a hurricane protocol plan, our systems have backups and a robust remote working environment.  ADS will not be down during the current situation, and we will be able to provide the same level of customer care we have provided over the last 8 years.  Our team will be able to receive and process new orders just like normal.  If you have any thoughts or concern please contact your ADS representative or email us at

We hope you and your families are safe and healthy during this time.  We know as Americans, we always rise above during times of crisis.  We must all do our part so, practice social distancing, avoid large groups, wash your hands, and try to stay home as much as you can.

From our family to yours, be safe, and smart and we will all get through this together (at safe distance of 6 feet J)