Case Studies

Digital Marketing Case Studies

We are happy to demonstrate the techniques we have used for our clients to establish a track record of results. Each client has different needs and goals, and we start by listening.

Who is your perfect customer? How do they usually find you? How many customers do you need to reach your goals?

Developing a profile of your best customers allows us to tap into our vast database and harvest the records of consumers who will be most likely to respond. An omni-channel approach allows us to remain responsive to who is responding, and we follow up until the sale is made.

Let’s make you our next case study!

Digital Plus

Consumers in today’s marketplace are met with dozens of messages a day. TV, Radio, Online Banners, Emails, mobile ads, billboards, the list goes on and on. How can an advertiser feel confident they can effectively engage consumers?


A Chicago based Auto Dealer wanted to increase scheduled appointments. Utilizing multiple channels they were able to reach a variety of different Age demographics, and have successful attendance and increased Sales.

Reaching New Students

Reaching prospective students is a challenge. Delivering the most impactful marketing message to young adults requires multiple channels and targeting Decision making influencers.

Sports Apparel

In the growing and ultra competitive Women’s Sports Apparrel market, it is imperitive to earn market share. By utilizng a Co-Op program by increasing incentives and loyalty rewards across multiple markeing channels, our client was able to see a distinct improvement in sales online and in the store.