What is Permission-based Email Marketing?

Permission-based email marketing is used effectively everyday by hundreds of thousands of companies and organizations to build their brands, increase sales, and strengthen relationships with their clients and members.

Why Use Permission-Based Email Marketing?

When planned and executed properly, email marketing can be a powerful and effective marketing tool. It allows you to communicate with customers or members and build a relationship based on value and trust. Ill-timed email or messages sent to the wrong people can actually hurt your brand, which is why using an experienced partner like ADS Data Direct is so vital to your success.

What Makes ADS Data-Direct Unique?

Because we are a data-focused agency, we design campaigns that are not only meaningful and valuable to consumers, but they reach the right target at the right time. Our open rates are consistently in the top 10% industry-wide.

Digital marketing has exploded with a host of new channels and yet email marketing continues to deliver the highest return and also remains one of the least expensive marketing options. The key is utilizing the best quality data combined with experience, and follow-up. Many times an email message fails on first delivery, but a well-prepared follow-up campaign can clinch the sale.