ADS Data Direct offers the most innovative approach to direct to consumer marketing with our Digital Plus marketing program.
We help to increase ROI while saving the client money across their marketing.

Data Services

A list with millions of old and unverified names and email addresses doesn’t have the value of a smaller but new and more accurate list. Our servers are updated 24/7 with new data from thousands of sources. It’s verified and cleaned, then made available to our clients.

Mailing Lists

Your direct marketing is only as good as the mailing list it’s based on. Our lists are constantly updated and verified through NCOA (National Change of Address) records to make sure they go to the proper address.

Pre And Re Targeting

Pre-Targeting is a science that predicts what a consumer will likely be looking to buy and when. Sound like fortune telling? Call us and we’ll explain how it works. Re-Targeting is a process that locates people through a series of complex algorithms based on their shopping and browsing habits. If a consumer has visited your website but not bought yet, we can still locate those individuals and reach out them.

Transactional Data

People who buy socks every day online are good people to target if you sell socks. Our database contains information on who bought what and we use that information to target them for our clients. It works!

Total Keyword Growth Visibility

Common sense tells us that it would be unwise to advertise cheeseburgers to people who are vegetarians, and yet that’s exactly where some marketers will spend your ad dollars. ADS Data Direct laser targets the right consumer at the right place and the right time to get the best results.

Permission-based Email Marketing

Permission-based email marketing is used effectively by millions of businesses each day and it still has the highest ROI of any other digital channel. When you combine the highest quality data with a well-planned email campaign you get great results.

Traffic Automated Recovery

This channel is similar to Re-Targeting in that we follow a visitor to your website but it uses different technology.

Pre-roll Video Ads

Video Ads that run before people watch a YouTube video are very powerful and productive marketing tools. Let us show you how to put together a great ad and how to run it where it will get great results!

Reach out and let’s take your brand forward together.