Have you heard about the fast-growing women's athletic apparel market? ADS Data Direct brings you the most up-to-date, in-depth women's athletic apparel data with exactly what you need - REAL customers!

How can ADS Data Direct help you reach your target women’s athletic apparel market? ADS Data Direct will provide you with a real-time file that shows your specific, hot-lead target market and will reach them by directly matching customers to their respective emails!

You can expect each data file to include:

  • Matching email
  • Direct mail
  • Mobile/device IDs
  • Demographics



The women’s athletic apparel market is the fastest-growing channel for apparel manufacturers. Apparel makers are seeing sales growth in the 20% or higher range. To increase market share in the women’s athletic apparel market, a leading national athletic brand wanted to engage consumers across multiple marketing channels to drive in-store and online purchases.


Utilizing a multichannel approach required email & direct mail to work in coordination to deliver the desired response effectively; however, recent campaigns had identified consumer fatigue with multiple email campaigns on prospect

files. The cost of printing and mailing also contributed to the campaign’s anticipated effectiveness.


ADS Data Direct proposed a Digital Multichannel Solution. Utilizing ADS data with the Client could serve as display ads increasing consumer brand awareness about the upcoming promotions. Rather than get one impression, ADS proposed serving up to 50 impressions before the email arrived. To further support the consumers that exhibited a marketable interest in the promotion, the client had the option to send direct mail pieces to the consumer who opened and/or re-targeted consumers who clicked reminder ads of the promotion.


The Client’s offer was a co-branded campaign, incentivizing the consumer with two offers for responding to the campaign. Double the reward points with purchase with the retailer and 10% off the women’s athletic apparel at purchase, online, or at the retail location. Consumers could print coupons or present a mobile coupon at the point of purchase and claim their loyalty points by presenting their cards. Implementation: ADS worked directly with the Clients planning team to coordinate the planning for matching emails. Because the data was linked directly to the individual consumer from a consumer at the opt-in source, the


Email has matured as a marketing medium. Marketers are consistently challenged with increased consumer email fatigue. The usage of email by so many legitimate marketers and by spammers have lessened the impact of email; however, the cost-effectiveness of the medium makes it too irresistible to resist. So the question remains, how can marketers make their emails relevant? Recognizing your targeted audience and knowing how they interact with the marketing media gives you the greatest insight into how to be successful and avoid email fatigue. Like Radio and TV, frequency of impressions is the key to success. However, sending too many emails to consumers drowns out the effectiveness of your message. The key to having effective emails begins with the data. Having multiple channels associated with your data allows you to engage your consumer. By running Pre-Targeted display ads online, you are generating consumer awareness (plus direct sales) in advance of your email deployment. This builds frequency and brand awareness, thus increasing consumer response rates by over 20%! For consumers who clicked on your email, you can Re-target them with display ads, adding another 5-10% increase in response. Of course, a solid marketing message must be used. Still, coordination between email and digital display ads allows prospecting to be highly targeted because you have matching emails. Combine these same principles with Direct Mail, and you can see response rates increase up to 36%

  • Group A: Competitive third-party subscriber list, strictly email, one-time drop, modeled for consumers that fit the Active Fitness Lifestyle.
  • Group B: Competitive third-party subscriber list, strictly email, one-time drop, data geared to consumers with Gym Memberships.
  • Group C: ADS data, one-time drop, strictly email, data used were consumers who live a Fitness Lifestyle.
  • Group D: ADS Data, 7 Day Pre-Targeted Ad Network campaign with a promotional offer, matched email one-time drop.


The campaign generated significant results based on the type of data and methodology used. Compared to groups A & B, the ADS (group c) data outperformed its competition by 24.8%. In addition, the modeled data performed efficiently on response rate and the cost efficiency of its pricing.

Group B was eliminated from contention based on its pricing and poor response performance. The anticipated performance for Group D surpassed anticipated expectations. The Client expected to see an increase in response; however, they were concerned that additional cost would increase

the average cost per lead compared to the one-time drop email. The data from the test demonstrated that the increased number of impressions not only increased overall response rates it also drove down the average cost per response.


The Client determined that the ADS data performed stronger in a head-to-head comparison and demonstrated the effectiveness of a digital multichannel approach. The Client determined the efficiency of having matching email and digital display reduced the need to match with third-party vendors and decreased the overall cost per ad impression while maximizing the email campaign’s deliverability. ADS Data Direct was awarded the remaining campaign of 600K records. ADS recommended Retargeting to the consumers who clicked on the email during the following 24-36 hours, which resulted in a 17.8% reduction in the overall cost per click.

What Does This Mean for You?

This means that you can get your much-needed sought-after data, organized into the categories that you need and aimed at the audience you want to target!

It also means that this will be the marketing strategy that changes the way you do business and how you find real, interested clients!