What Are The Top Data Research Services

data research services | ADS Data Direct

Data Research Services: Creating final and unbiased insights is the primary goal of data research services. Any error or little thought when gathering data, choosing an analysis method, or selecting an audience sample will result in a biased inference.

Experts from various Information Services offer the many components that make up the Data research services. Whether developing new data sets or utilizing current data, their goal is to provide the specialized support researchers require throughout the study lifecycle.

Answering the two-part question, “What problem am I trying to solve and what insights do I think I need to develop to solve it,” will help you decide which data analysis options to use. This solution will prompt the following inquiry: “What data do I already have or need to obtain that could be used to apply to this problem?” Once you answer that question, you can investigate which data analysis approaches are suitable for your data research services and business challenges and what knowledge or resources are required to carry out the analysis effectively. Finally, based on the employees, funds, and available time, you can decide on the data to utilize, methodology to apply, whether to handle it internally or engage a partner, etc. Along the road, you can also want to enlist the aid of various specialists to assist you in recognizing, assessing, and ranking your options.

World’s Largest Data Research Services Company

data research services | ADS Data Direct

The accurate assessment of what people listen to and see helps Nielsen, a global leader in audience insights, data research services, and analytics, determine the future of media.

American information, data, and market measurement company Nielsen Holdings Inc. has over 100 operating locations; Nielsen has about 44,000 employees worldwide. The business is currently a part of the S&P 500 and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

1. Kantar

Data Research Services: Based in London, England, the Kantar Group is a brand consultancy and data analytics firm. Kantar was first established in 1992 and now employs around 30,000 people worldwide across various data researching specialties, such as social media monitoring, advertising effectiveness, consumer and shopper behavior, and public opinion.

Multi-country market research, survey, and business consultancy company Kantar IMRB (previously “IMRB International” and “Indian Market Research Bureau”) was founded in 1970 and provided a variety of syndicated data and tailored research services. With approximately 1200 workers, IMRB is one of India’s most significant market research companies in a market that is thought to be valued at least $187 million. The first and only household panel, the first television audience measurement system, and the first radio panel in India were all created by IMRB, the country’s oldest still-operating market research firm. Consumer markets, industrial marketing, business-to-business marketing, social marketing, and rural marketing are the areas of expertise of IMRB International.

2. Westat

Data Research Services: In Rockville, Maryland, the United States, Westat is an employee-owned professional services company. It offers research services to state and municipal governments, corporations, foundations, and U.S. government organizations. The company conducts investigations in clinical trials, education, public health & epidemiology, social policy & economics, transportation, and behavioral health & health policy.

Westat researches various topics, including respondent knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors; program evaluation; academic achievement and literacy; early childhood longitudinal studies; child abuse and neglect; medical treatments and outcomes;[20]exposure assessments; and information management and communications solutions. WesVar and Blaise are the two software suites that the company supports. The former is a software program for variance estimation, whereas the latter is a system for processing surveys.

3. ADS Data Direct – The TOP Data Research Services

data research services | ADS Data Direct

Data Research Services with ADS Data Direct was established to give marketers and their agencies a better way to connect with responsive and active customers. They obtain their information from more than 320 online and mobile sources with the express consent of the target audience. They can offer the most current and accurate data on the market by being explicit about how they will use the data. They can deliver every campaign with more outstanding quality and planning because of their customer service and client-centered approach. Their Data is estimated via correspondence between cookies, emails, and postal records, showing activity over the previous six to seven months.

Information Resources Incorporated (IRI)

The American firm IRI (Information Resources, Inc.) specializes in market research and data analytics. In addition to consumer, shopper, and retail market data, the company offers clients analyses of the consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail, and healthcare sectors. Below are some of their data collection techniques:

IRI Liquid Data (ILD)

The Liquid Data technology platform offered as a hosted service or as a separate infrastructure within the customer’s legacy data environment provides data research services management capabilities driven by hardware, software, patented algorithms, industry models, data integration, and supporting applications. The platform uses predictive automated analytics to quickly produce data and insights to support particular decisions—the technology stores data in a flat or unstructured universe of points.

data research services | ADS Data Direct

Consumer Network: 

Data Research Services: A panel of consumers offers insight into the purchasing habits of various household demographic groupings. A new portable, personal collecting device allows for several integrated insights, shopper, and specialty panels that be added to the platform.

Info scan

Every week, many thousand drugs, grocery, and department retailers submit the product data that their scanners have gathered. IRI sorts, evaluate, and validate product price and volume before sending its clients the final Info Scan sales data by tape, disk, or online service.


Ipsos Group S.A., also known as Institut Publique de Sondage d’Opinion Secteur, is a global market research and consultancy company with headquarters in Paris, France (French pronunciation: [ip. sos]). Didier Truchot, the company’s Chairman, launched the business in 1975, and since July 1, 1999, shares of the industry have been listed publicly on the Paris Stock Exchange.

The Group has founded or bought various businesses since 1990. Ipsos purchased Synovate in October 2011, making it the third-largest research agency in the world overall. Ipsos had 88 offices worldwide as of 2014, employing 16,530 people.

Ipsos, one of Europe’s most significant research firms in the middle of the 1990s, decided to go global. Ipsos acquired new investment partners by selling 40% of the business to Walter Butler’s Amstar investment fund and the François Pinault-led Artemis Group.

Ipsos entered the South American market in 1997 when it bought Novaction’s operations in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. With the acquisition of the American business ASI Market Research, it entered the North American market in 1998.

Ipsos was admitted to the Paris Stock Exchange in 1999. The profitable IPO allowed Artemis and Amstar the chance to profit from their investments and allowed Ipsos to keep growing. Then, it took part in the founding of MMXI Europe, a joint venture for Internet audience research, in which partner Media Matrix held the bulk of the shares and Ipsos controlled the remaining 20%. The business also acquired four NFO Worldwide subsidiaries that were experts in creating access panels. Asia, South America, and especially North America saw more growth (with the purchase of the Canadian company Angus Reid, renamed Ipsos-Reid in 2000).

Ipsos purchased the Synovate business of Aegis Group Plc in 2011. On October 30, 2018, Ipsos revealed that it had bought Synthesio, a Social Intelligence Suite that Forrester Research had ranked as the top global Social Listening platform since 2014.

In November 2021, Ben Page took over as CEO in place of creator Didier Truchot, who remained Chairman.

Data Research Services

data research services | ADS Data Direct

Data Research Services: Market research is a systematic attempt to learn as much as possible about target markets and consumers, starting with who they are. It is a crucial element of corporate strategy and a key contributor to competitiveness. Many companies specialize in helping businesses with their data research; however, not all of them are as good as they say they are. Read the reviews and choose wisely when deciding which company should help you with your market research. The quality of the data researching company’s work will affect your desired outcome.