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Digital Marketing: Boost Hospitality Sales with Targeted Digital Plus Marketing

Digital Marketing with ADS Data Direct! Everyone loves to travel, and people are anxious to get away when it’s cold in most parts of the country. If you’re in the travel and hospitality field, you know that marketing decisions sometimes work very well, and sometimes they flop. Would it be a great platform designed to be reactive to online habits and send the perfect messages at the right time to the right consumer? Welcome to Digital Plus marketing, a proven platform for boosting hospitality sales.

Take a Look at How Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing Differs

Digital Marketing with ADS Data Direct! The distinction between conventional and digital marketing is straightforward. Digital marketing uses digital channels, whereas traditional marketing uses offline channels. While a traditional marketing campaign, for instance, might use billboards, print ads, and mailers, a digital marketing campaign, on the other hand, might use social media, blogs, and emails to advertise a business and its products. The dissimilarity between “traditional marketing” and “digital marketing” has become less clear in recent years as even conventional channels like billboards, TV advertisements, and direct mail have incorporated digital elements.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is vital for businesses today because it provides:

  • Various online marketing techniques
  • Affordable marketing strategies
  • Identical field of play
  • Options for sophisticated personalization and targeting
  • Accurate tracking and measurement of campaigns
  • Ongoing campaign performance evaluation

Digital Marketing Provides a Variety of Online Marketing Techniques

With digital marketing, you have choices, which isn’t always the case with traditional marketing. You have fewer options available with traditional marketing. There are only a select few channels, including radio, print, and television, and many of these channels are expensive, further reducing your options.

Your business can access various strategies when you decide to use digital marketing. You can choose the most compatible with your company, objectives, and target market, allowing you to maximize the financial benefits of online marketing.

Digital Marketing Provides Various Affordable Marketing Options

Another advantage of digital marketing is cost. Online marketing is incredibly economical when compared to traditional marketing. You set your budget and bid for ad space when you advertise online on social media, websites, or search engines. Compared to purchasing a billboard, you have total control over your budget.

A key characteristic of digital marketing is flexibility. Businesses can schedule campaigns and budgets to last for years or just a few seconds. Businesses benefit from agility frequently lacking in traditional campaigns when precise targeting is combined. You can choose to pause a PPC campaign if you start it and discover it is underperforming, for example. In contrast, once you purchase a billboard, you own it for the entire contract term, regardless of whether it is effective.

Why Choose Digital Plus Marketing

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ADS Data Direct focuses on the online habits of over 300 million consumers who browse millions of websites every minute of every day. If John Smith, a Detroit, checks the weather forecast in Miami Beach for the first week of February, that would be a great time to feature a travel package in a display ad as he browses Google and an email follow-up the next day. Maybe a video ad for a hotel will accompany his next trip to YouTube, and an ad on Facebook will remind him of the great deals available if he acts now.

Hospitality Sales are Poised for Substantial Growth – Lead the Charge – Boost Hospitality Sales

This type of marketing performs well because we have developed proprietary software that analyzes known data about each consumer and integrates it with recent buying and browsing habits to trigger the appropriate message at the correct time. Our database contains, for example:

  • Travelers who play golf.
  • People who travel alone, and those who travel with families.
  • People who cruise the Caribbean and those who love Alaska cruises.
  • Gourmet food lovers who visit Europe.
  • Gamblers love Las Vegas and those who take their chances aboard cruise ships.
  • Pet lovers who take their dogs and cats on the road.
  • Travelers who are senior citizens and those who own RVs.
  • And thousands more.

We have extensive experience working with airlines, hotels, and cruise ship owners and operators.

Advanced Targeting and Personalization Options are Available with Digital Marketing.

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You can access sophisticated targeting and personalization options when incorporating web marketing into your business strategy. Regarding targeting, traditional marketing, which is more general, falls short of what digital marketing can offer.

For instance, you can use targeting options for online marketing such as:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Marital status
  • Hobbies
  • Device

You can increase the other advantages of digital marketing, such as its affordability, with the aid of these targeting options. For instance, if you run a PPC campaign, you can use targeting options like location and device to find users who are most likely to convert by visiting your brick-and-mortar store.

Online marketing also makes it possible to add information like the following to content to make it more personalized:

  • Name
  • Interests
  • Purchase behavior

Better marketing outcomes can result from providing users with a personalized experience through your website or email marketing campaign. For instance, an email that makes product recommendations based on a subscriber’s previous purchasing habits may result in another sale or even a word-of-mouth referral.

Strategies We Use to Boost Hospitality Sales

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A hotel marketing plan should be flexible, adapting to the time of year, the season, and consumer trends. Some of the most innovative marketing techniques currently in use are listed below:

  1. Focus SEO for Your Website

Without search engine optimization, your website would be just as good as if it didn’t exist. If your website is optimized correctly, you can take advantage of the captive audience that 75% of travelers have when looking for hotels online. This is why spending money on tools to improve your website’s SEO is crucial.

To begin, conduct thorough keyword research to learn what your target audience is looking for. Create compelling copy using the keywords pertinent to your hotel and the surrounding area. Additionally, it’s crucial to check that your website loads quickly and is optimized for mobile devices.

SEO’s link-building strategy is essential, and working with other websites is one of the best ways to do it.

  1. Focus on the Power Of Data

Nowadays, data is easily accessible, and using this information to make data-driven decisions is one of the best hotel marketing strategies. Google Analytics is the most helpful tool for better understanding your target market’s demographics, the primary sources of bookings, and website user behavior.

A property management system, which enables you to identify your various target groups based on an analysis of your current customer base, is another essential tool. A PMS hotel revenue management tool like Mews can also unlock priceless information because businesses can use it to optimize inventories and boost profits.

A PMS hotel revenue management tool like Mews can also unlock priceless information because businesses can use it to optimize inventories and boost profits. Once you understand the data, you can choose the best marketing messages to help you reach your objectives.

  1. We, Will, Work with you to define your Unique Value Proposition.

Why should travelers pick your hotels over others when there is a glut of options? This is where your unique selling point is valuable. Once you’ve determined what makes you unique, you can use this information to differentiate yourself from the competition in your marketing messaging. Remember that each of your marketing campaigns needs to be distinct.

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While providing excellent customer service ought to be at the core of your value proposition, you are free to define that service however you see fit. Do you greet visitors with a special welcome drink when they arrive? Do you have some regional treats or a bottle of wine waiting for them in their room?

These “little somethings” won’t cost much money for your hotel but will significantly impact how people perceive it. Another benefit? The better guests are treated, the more likely they are to share their experiences with others, whether on TripAdvisor or via word of mouth. Both options will work wonders for your company.

  1. You Could Reward Direct Bookings

Because you don’t have to split your profits with outside parties, which is also ideal for a hotel’s profitability, direct bookings are like gold in the travel industry. This is why it’s crucial to honor repeat customers and direct bookings. You can thank them by giving them lower prices, exclusive discounts, upgrades, or even a small token of appreciation in their room. Make a direct booking, and repeat guests feel special, no matter what you choose, so they’ll want to keep coming back and inviting their friends to do the same.

Have touch points along the customer journey’s route by mapping it out.

Understanding the various stages of the customer’s journey and ensuring that you have a distinctive message and marketing plan to entice them with your efforts at each location are the goals of customer journey mapping.

During the planning stage, ensure they know your uniqueness and allow them to experience it by offering upgrades and customizations. Ensure that you are accessible to answer their queries and that a chatbot is available 24/7 to handle the most frequent ones so they won’t stop them from making a reservation.

Ensure that your visitors have a fantastic experience and receive the best customer service once they arrive, and make sure your staff regularly inquires about how satisfied they are. Stay in touch with them after their trip to thank them, get their feedback, and potentially offer them incentives to make another reservation with you.

  1. We Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is one of the most crucial tools you can employ to promote your hotel and boost revenue. Consistently publish exciting content based on a content calendar. Hotel social media marketing strategies are excellent for increasing website traffic and, consequently, the number of direct bookings, but regular presence maintenance is required.

Social media is also great for promoting brands, deals, and promotions and giving your hotel a personal touch by showcasing key staff members or sustainable initiatives. Utilizing social media to grab travelers’ attention will increase your conversion chances.


Let’s discuss how Digital Plus marketing can increase sales for your travel-related company, and we’ll be happy to put together a proposal that fits your needs and budget.